About Us

KD Steampunk is a mother/daughter partnership. Together we create quality, hand made items and travel to various renaissance faires in the Pacific Northwest.

It all started with a Halloween costume party. Each group chose a theme and went in that style. Our family chose Steampunk! Then, the preparations began.

Darla (pictured in red) began searching for the perfect hat. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find one that came anywhere close to meeting her criteria. She wanted a stove pipe hat that used actual pipe and had some gauges and piping on it... or at least a place where she could add some. She decided she would have to make her own and added a feature to send soap bubbles out the stove pipe. Then, she had to add a pouch to contain the bubbles and a wind up key on a strap around her leg. At the party, the children had a blast winding the key and watching the bubbles emerge!

Kalika (pictured in yellow) set to work crafting herself fascinator. Using craft foam and old watch parts, she created an elegant head topper. Now, she just needed the rest of her outfit to match. She added clock faces to a costume shirt and chains to her boots. She made leg bands from leather and chain. She made leather holsters for her plastic guns (that she had, of course, added some tubing to) and strapped on her archery vambraces. She was ready to go.

However, the same could not be said of Ben (pictured in armor) and Joe (pictured in the vest). They had happily applied themselves to designing and crafting weapons for their costumes but the actual outfits... Not so much. The time of the party was drawing near and they weren't prepared. So we set out and bought some scrap leather and basic tools. Goggles and armor were created. Gears were attached and... 

We fell in love with the process; stamping designs into leather, carving shapes and creating new pieces of art, learning techniques that have existed and been used for hundreds of years.

We decided that we enjoyed it so much that we would start a Steampunk business, creating those designs that, until now, had only existed in our minds. We dedicated ourselves to making sure each product came out at a quality that we, ourselves, would be willing to pay for.

Then, we ventured into the fantastic marvel of Renaissance faires to share our love of Steampunk and Renaissance and opened this online store to invite you to join us on our journey.


Kalika (K) and Darla (D) Reed

KD Steampunk