About Us

KD Steampunk is a mother/daughter partnership. Together we create hand made items and travel to various renaissance faires in the Pacific Northwest.

It all started with a halloween costume party. Each family chose a theme and went in that style. We chose Steampunk! After searching in vain for a stove pipe hat that used actual pipe, I decided to make my own and added a feature to send soap bubbles out the stove pipe. Then I had to add a pouch to contain the bubbles. From there it just kept snowballing. We purchased some leather and basic tools and began to create. By the time  our costumes were completed we did not want to stop creating. By then we had created a tiny top hat, bubble blowing stove pipe hat, leather armor, a leg band with a wind up key and more.

We decided that we enjoyed it so much that we would start a Steampunk business. We then ventured into Renaissance faires and opened this online store to share our love of Steampunk and Renaissance.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, send us a message.